Who is reboArts?

 Kip McFarland and Magan Harms

reboArts inc. was started by Kip McFarland as a web hosting business in support of local small businesses, particularly those in the arts.  When Kip passed away suddenly on November 13, 2015, I was left with the feeling that I couldn’t let the name go.  As I have zero background in computers (and generally told people he did “computery stuff”), there was no chance of going forward with it as a web hosting business.

I have a BFA in arts management and minored in history and global studies.  I’m a transcription editor for a media company, but also teach hand embroidery and other arts at a couple community colleges.  I spend my time stitching and running my etsy site, http://www.needlenouveau.etsy.com, and selling at shows and fairs.  I’ve also recently started a stitching blog at http://www.needlnouveau.wordpress.com.

I’ve always loved art, history, and obviously, art history.  Kip suffered innumerable hours of me yapping about some piece of art that I’d seen or read about.  I can’t even count the number of museum visits we had together.  We learned to just make sure we were in the same room in a museum, that was the rule.  He didn’t need to listen to me wax poetic about the brilliant palette or the length of brush strokes.  He did, however, need to keep me in the same room.  Since I was a foot shorter than he was, I was easy to lose (as he told me a million times.)

So in an attempt to keep reboArts alive, even if in nothing but name, I’ve started this blog.  About a year ago I started posting works of art which correlated to that particular day in history on my Facebook page.  Some of my friends seemed to enjoy it, so I thought this would be a good place to expound on those thoughts.  He always encouraged me to write, so I think he would aprove of the use of the reboArts name.


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